my design process

My design process takes you through every facet of an interior design project in a way that won’t overwhelm you or disrupt your family life.


1 | Initial Phase

I want to learn about you and the vision you have for your home. I take the time to sit down and really explore your desires for the project, keeping your preferences and budget in mind at all times.

This phase allows for conversations that will lay the groundwork for achieving the space you want. During this time, I will also discuss the project retainer and design fees based on the scope of work.


2 | Discovery Phase

I take all the information provided and evaluate the space you want transformed (or the new construction project you are getting ready to launch). 

This phase includes all preliminary design work and recommendations based on your style and needs. Once the preliminary design is approved, a deposit for goods is required. (Many items must be ordered in advance because of lead times.)


3 | Design Phase

During this phase, I create digital floor plans and renderings to help visualize your design. I also obtain bids from subcontractors and begin collaborating with your contractor or architect.

I then present this combination of preliminary plans, interior design sketches, decorative details, materials and pricing to you. Once approved, I will set hard deadlines for launching your project and will schedule the subcontractors.


4 | Implementation Phase

During this phase, I work with tradespeople, manage expectations, and anticipate potential pitfalls throughout the project.

If a situation arises, rest assured that I have the expertise, knowledge, and calming approach to handle the issues. I believe in a “solutions first” approach. I will never present an issue to you without also presenting a great solution, and I will always keep my eyes on the goal of completing the project on time and on budget.


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